Just memories...

Saturday March 12th, 2022...
After two years of delay, months of waiting and weeks of preparation, the festival itself seemed to be gone in a flash.

All in all, we can look back at a successful fifth edition of the AudioVisual Spring Festival. We showed 34 productions from 3 countries out of 56 entries for an audience of around 50 people.

We wish to thank all the authors of the shows: without them, there would never be an AV festival.


This website provides all the information about the AudioVisual Spring Festival. The various themes are mentioned in the menu on top of this page. Up to the festival, the content of this website will be updated.

If the Dutch or German language is a problem for you, please contact us by e-mail: contact@av-voorjaarsfestival.nl.
We will provide the information you need in English.


After organising five successfull editions of the Festival, there is no other way: we are heading towards number six! Traditionally, the Festival will be held on the second Saturday of March.